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Nanocomposites Applicable in Aerospace Industry

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Mohammad Javad Parizi, an alumnus of Amirkabir University of Technology and administrator of ‘coating tissues with nano particles and experimental study of the effect of their configuration on properties and structure of tissues and resin in miscibility gap’ stated: in general, aerospace structures must possess a higher strength with regards to their mass; these parts must be able to tolerate imposed forces while having a light weight. Given the acceleration and maneuvers of flying objects, applying nanocomposites instead of metal alloys has become attractive.

On the point of his methodology for this project, he added that the path for executing this plan has been by covering the fiberglass fiber with three different porous silica structures on nanometer scale, the miscibility gap properties were altered, eventually improving attributes of multilayered composites.
The academic advisors of this plan are Dr. Hossein Shahverdi, Dr. Pablo Guardiola and Dr. Paypolzadeh as the counseling professor.
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