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Gas Microturbine Troubleshooting System

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AUT researchers have found a new way to develop a troubleshooting system for gas microturbines that can be used in the construction and operation stages. Seyed Saleh Talebi, an AUT graduate, commented about this project, “supporting renewable energies in the grid, microturbines have several functions in smart energy production. We offer a method for troubleshooting gas microturbines in this project. It has two levels: detection and isolation. Troubleshooting in the isolation level has been conducted for the first time in all the functional area of the engine, while gradual growth of defects have been taken into consideration.
The supervisors of this project are Dr. Abulghasem Mesgarpour Tousi and Dr. Ali Madadi, AUT faculty members, and Dr. Mehrdad Kiaei, an engineer of the Iran Power Plant Project Management Company (MAPNA).

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