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Fabrication of Carbon Nano-Spheres at AUT for Use in the Pharmaceutical and Catalyst Industries

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The researchers at the Amirkabir University of Technology have obtained a new method of making carbon Nano-Spheres for use in catalyst base production and intelligent drug delivery.
The Public Relations Office has announced: Ms. Parvin Kiyani Shojayi, one of the researcher involved in the study, said: "Given the great significance of the broad applications of hollow carbon Nano-Spheres in catalyst base, drug carriers and energy storage systems in batteries and due to the better performance of hybrid Nano-Particles compared to spherical particles, hybrid Nano-Particles were fabricated through a one-pot method.”
She mentioned the research project titled as "The Preparation of Hybrid Carbon Nano-Particles Using a New Method" and noted: "This method was initially used to produce carbon spherical Nano-Particles and due to the reduced process for the preparation of these Nano-Particles, this research can be a step towards commercializing these materials.”
Ms. Kiyani stated the method of producing these Nano-Particles as the “Pickering Polymerization Method” and added: “In this method, the organic phase consists of the raw material of all core-crust-crust layers which are dispersed in water and then, during the reaction and phase separation, the core-crust-crust structure was prepared and finally, after carbonization and removal of the second shell, the hybrid carbon structure was obtained.”
This researcher said that the main use of the produced Nano-Particles is in catalyst making as a catalyst base as well as in pharmacy as a drug carrier. She added: “The competitive advantages of this project are the innovative design and low cost due to the reduced number of stages.”
This project was carried out and implemented by Parvin Kiyani Shojayi and under the guidance & supervision of Dr. Fatemeh Goharpey, a faculty member at the Amirkabir University of Technology.

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