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A New Edible Vegetable Oil Processing Method Devised by AUT Researchers

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 Ms. Zeinab Abdorrezaee, a graduate of chemical engineering from the Amirkabir University of Technology and executer of "Refining of edible crude oil by ultrafiltration/nanofiltration hybrid membrane process" project said, "The hybrid process used in this project can be a suitable alternative for two common stages of degumming and bleaching in the refining of edible oils and also solvent recovery process. It has many advantages and overcomes the drawbacks of common industrial methods."
Pointing out the procedure of this project, she said, "We achieved almost complete separation of phospholipids from crude canola oil (over 99.90%) and over 91% reduction in the oil color pigments by using polymeric membranes, and without using chemicals and bleaching earth. Also, complete separation of hexane (100%) from the oil was obtained at room temperature by the pervaporation process."
It is worth saying that Dr. Ahmadreza Raisi, a faculty member of the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Amirkabir University of Technology, was the project's supervisor.
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