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Knowledge-Based Company of AUT Producing Water Soluble Polymeric Releasing Agent

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Dr. Reza Arian, a faculty member of the Department of Chemistry of the School of Sciences and Director of Research and Development of Andishehkavan Nasir Iranian Company said: This company is producing polymeric release agents with a non-silicon-based structure that is eco-friendly and water soluble. This release agents can be used in manufacturing Shaped Rubber Hoses (Hydraulic Hoses) based on standard polymers such as EPDM, NBR, SBR, and NR plus fluorocarbon and silicon polymers. Their high releasing power prevents any damages and corrosion to the inside of the hydraulic hoses.
He further said: in accordance with the I. R. IRAN Customs statistics, all additives of the rubber industry are imported. Considering the sanctions against Iran over the last few years, importing the chemical materials has faced a wide range of problems. As stated by Arian, fortunately with the help of the specialists in this company in the field of producing the products and technical knowledge, we have been able to produce ANICO release agents with high quality and high repeatability and supply to the domestic market. Our next goal is to plan to export this technological product to the neighboring countries.
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