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Granting the "Dr. Hessabi Superior Dissertation Award” to AUT’s Textile Engineering Department Researcher

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The project is called "Global Fabric Purchasing Plan and Sourcing Model". The award was bestowed to Ms. Fatemeh Darvishi-Mazangi by the jury as part of the third annual Top Iranian Dissertation Festival, also known as the Dr. Hessabi Award. She was given a "Top Student" certificate and her thesis was recognized as the "superior dissertation".
The recipient stated: "our findings reveal ignoring the uncertainties and risks in foreign purchases in the textile industry (in light of foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations) creates significant costs that lead to a loss of demand in the market. In addition, the competitiveness of the apparel industry is significantly dependent on shipping costs and the quantity of supplies purchased beforehand, as tactical decision-making. In this research, three models were utilized to resolve the supplier selection challenge as well as the problem of placing fabric orders with global suppliers in the textile and clothing industry in face of foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations. The three proposed mathematical models are: “Planning for multipurpose purchasing and manufacturing with direct shipping”, “Deciding for an integrated multisite purchase-production in times of uncertainty” and “Optimal allocation of orders in the two-tier supply chain with crossover docks and random fluctuations in clothing demand".
Advisors for this project were Dr. Reza Ghasemi Yaghin and Dr. Abdol-Hossein Sadeghi, both Amirkabir University of Technology Professors.
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