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Honoring AUT's Olympiad Participants

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AUT's Olympiad participants were honored in a ceremony in the presence of university officials and the president of the National Elites Foundation of Tehran. During the ceremony, Iman Sharifi Ph.D., director of AUT's Honors and Olympiads Office stated: We intend to revive the university's Elite Productivity Office which is directly connected to the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, providing services to students and faculty members without any intermediaries.
Chancellor of Amirkabir University of Technology also declared: AUT is ready to support those who can produce working research products and then mass produce them for the market.
The president of the National Elites Foundation of Tehran also added: Hardly anybody participated in the Olympiads back in the year 2000. But when I see this number of contestants today, it brings me much pleasure. After mentioning the preparation of the 8th Ahmadi Roshan event, he continued: Contenders can build up their ideas and projects in the span of 9 months while being supported by the National Elites Foundation. These projects will be used to tackle the country's challenges, making an idea eventually mature into a product in the form of a knowledge-based company.

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