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Pre-Registration for the Iran FIRA Freestyle RoboWorld Cup 2020 Has Started

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The president of the National Robotics Committee of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Federation of International RoboSports Association – FIRA) announced the start of the pre-registration for the International Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Competition in Iran and said: “The teams that want to participate in this round of the competitions have the chance to send in the technical documentation of their robots until Mar 10th, 2020. Pre-registration for the International Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Competition (Iranian Freestyle FIRACup) started on Dec 14th, 2019 and will continue until Feb 11th, 2020.”
According to AUT’s Public Relations Office: Dr. Soroush Sadeghnejad recognized the 9th International Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Competition of Iran – 2020 as "Iran’s Freestyle FIRACup" that will be held from Apr 21st, 2020 until Apr 23rd, 2020 and added: "Iran Freestyle FIRACup" is held by the National Robotics Committee of the Islamic Republic of Iran in collaboration with the World Robotics Federation and Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic).”
He described these competitions as one of the most complete robotic competitions in the country and also the region and said: "This round of the competitions covers all branches of robotics, automation and artificial intelligence.”
Vice President of the Federation of International RoboSports Association (FIRA) announced the pre-registration of the competition and said that the pre-registration will continue until Feb 11th, 2020 and the teams can submit their technical and research documentation from Dec 22nd, 2019 until Feb 24th, 2020.
Dr. Sadeghnejad stated that: “The technical committee members of the competition will review the technical documentation of the teams from Feb 9th, 2020 until Mar 10th, 2020 and the qualified teams will be selected to participate in the competition.”
He mentioned that the final registration of the teams will start on Feb 9th, 2020 and will continue until Mar 29th, 2020 and added: “The top teams of this competition will be able to participate in the FIRA Robotics World Championships held in Brazil this year.”
Dr. Sadeghnejad added: “Hosting the FIRA World Robotics and Artificial Intelligence World Championships in 2021 will be with our beloved country of Iran and will be held with the participation of 28 pioneer countries.”
He noted that the relationship between universities and industry could be one of the objectives of these technological events in the country and reminded: “In this regard, as part of the collaborative programs with industry affiliates, we seek to provide an appropriate framework for introducing student-applied achievements to the industry.”

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