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Introducing the Top 6 Ideas at the National Food and Beverages Ideas Bazaar at AUT

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According to Public Relations of Amirkabir University of Technology: The third national ideas event for the food and beverage market will be held to address the challenges and needs of the country's food industry by identifying and supporting innovative technologies and operating companies and food industry activists.
The selected plans are to be presented on Febraury 22, 2020 in the presence of capital owners.
The event will be held by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education's Technology Development Office, in collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration, Amirkabir University of Technology, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Amirkabir University of Technology's idea bazaar company (as the official Technology Exchange Agent of the Ministry of Health).
 The top titles were:
"Functional Salt: In the Prevention of Hypertension"
“Production of Monellin sweet taste protein in Lactococcus lactis bacteria in a healthy way for edible use”
“Rapid detection of Aflatoxin using antibody based electrochemical method"
"Particle Suspension Complex Production in Drink and Dough"
"Evaluation of Physico-Chemical and Structural and Sensory Characteristics and Survival of Synbiotic Feta Cheese Using Beta Glucan and Bifidobacterium during Shelf Life"
"Varieties of indigenous industrialized lyophilized probiotic strains with the ability to design and designing specific Kant and viability for dairy drinks and probiotic drugs"

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