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Most travelers tend to skip Tehran in favor of visiting more historical cities like Esfahan and Shiraz. Our advice to you is to take advantage of your stay in Tehran and visit the highlights of this amazing city, a metropolis that truly deserves the title of capital. Here is a list of just a few places you can visit that are near you in only two days:
  • Tehran Grand Bazaar
    • Located in the center of the city and a real labyrinth of thousands of shops. The Grand Bazaar offers endless picture opportunities and a chance to have chai (Persian tea) with locals and salesmen.
  • Golestan Palace
    • Located right next to the bazaar, this beautiful palace was home to the Qajar dynasty, which ruled the Persian Empire from 1785 to 1925.
  • Tabi’at (Nature) Bridge
    • Located not too far from the University is the Tabi’at Bridge, which translates to the “nature” bridge. It would be best to arrive just before the sunset to where you’ll be overlooking the Tehran skyline and its beautiful mountains in the background, also a great opportunity for pictures.
  • Darband
    • Located on the north of the city and the bottom of Mount Tochal, Darband is the beginning of a popular hiking trail that towers over Tehran. Many restaurants have placed their tables onto the river itself, and you can get some of the best Kababs in the city.
Hello Salaam
How are you? Haale shoma chetore? / Khoobi?
I’m fine Man khoobam
My name is …
What’s your name?
Man … hastam
Esme shoma chee hast?
Nice to meet you Khosh-bakh-tam
Where are you from? Ahle koja hastid?
I’m from … Man ahle … hastam
Thank you Merci / Mamnoon
You’re welcome Khaahesh meekonam
Sorry/excuse me Bebakhsheed
Good morning Sobh be kheyr
Good night Shab be kheyr
Bye Khoda-hafez
Where is …? … kojast?
How can I get to …? Chetor meetoonam be … beram?
Street / alley Khiyaboon / kooche
I’m lost Man gom shodam
Help Komak
Please Lotfan
Can you help me? Meetooni komakam koni?
Where is the subway? Eestgah-e metro kojast?
What does … mean? … yanee chi?
I don’t understand Motevajeh nemeesham/nemeefahmam
I understand Meefahmam
Do you speak English? Engilisi sohbat meekoneed?
Pharmacy Darookhane
Hospital Beemarestaan
Yes / No Bale / Na
Call the police Be polis zang bezan
Tomorrow/Yesterday/Today Farda / Deerooz / Emrooz
Please write it down for me Lotfan baram benevisesh
I feel sick Man mariz hastam
How much is this? Gheymate in chand ast?
Where is the bathroom? Dast-shooyi kojast?

Iran is generally a safe country, and you do not need to worry about your safety but in case of emergencies, it is good to memorize these numbers:
Police – 110
Ambulance- 115
Fire department – 125
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
sefr Yek Do Se Chaahaar Paanj Shesh Haft Hasht Noh Dah

Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Fridau
Shanbe Yek-shanbe Do-Shanbe Se-shanbe Chahar-shanbe Panj-shanbe Jom’e
When planning your trip remember that the first day of the week in Iran is Saturday and the last is Friday. Thursday and Fridays are the weekend.
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