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Supervisor: Farshad Barazandeh
Technician: Ramin Mahdavi
Amirkabir University of Technology Mechatronics Laboratory was established in 2004 to teach mechatronics at the undergraduate and graduate levels.The purpose of establishing this laboratory is to acquaint students with electromechanical systems, design, and manufacture of simple analog and digital electrical circuits, and programming and working with microcontroller PLC.The current facilities of this laboratory are:
Set of an automatic production line
Educate, commissioning and control of industrial motors: servo motors, stepper motors, DC motors
Digital and analog circuit educating package
Microcontroller educating and programming set
PLC programming and educating
Pneumatic actuators and valves
Types of sensors
The lab currently serves undergraduate students in mechanics, aerospace, medical and textile engineering, and postgraduate students in mechatronics and mechanics.
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