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Enhanced Oil Recovery

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Lab: Enhanced Oil Recovery
Dr. Alireza Kazemi
Dr. Jalal Fahimpour
Dr. Mohammad Sharifi
Masoud Pedrampour
Aghil Moslemizadeh
Soroush Nardini
Ali Sheidaee             
Toofan Farhadi
Yasin Norouzi


  •  Core Flooding Apparatus: CFS 700

    The CFS series provides versatile facilities to carry out core flood and fluid flow tests studies at
    reservoir conditions of temperature and pressure. The core flood tests allow for the evaluation of
    various secondary and tertiary EOR tests, including waterflooding, polymer injection, ASP
    injection, miscible and immiscible gas flooding, microbial flooding, steam injection. Relative
    permeability at Swi and Sor, displacement efficiency and incremental oil recovery after
    implementing the EOR process can be determined. The coreflood system is built as per the end
    user's requirements. A number of modules can be used along with the standard configuration
    including HP-HT fluid separator, liquid and fraction collector, capillary sight glass, steam
    generator. CFS700 can work up to10000 psi pressure.



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