Department of Aerospace Engineering- Fuel and Combustion Research Laboratory
Fuel and Combustion Research Laboratory

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Supervisor:Dr. Sadegh TabeJamaat

phone: +98(21)64543246
Location: 1st floor, AE Department.



The overall goal of this laboratory is to carry out various combustion tests using a wide range of correlated test machines and equipments. The user can produce the laboratory model of any desirable flame and perform related tests.

The laboratory is going to host an advanced PLIF system.


• • Air compressor

• • Air filtering system

• • Modern air dryer system

• • Different types of chlometer

• • Different types of thermocouple

• • Gas analyzer system

• • High resolution digital camera

• • Different types of control valves

• • Gas capsules

• • Different types of laboratory torch

• • Counter-flow test machine

• • Combustion gas heater

• • Large semi industrial torch with modern related air and gas system to study HTAC

• • Other combustion related equipments

• • Air thinning

• • Co-flow diffusion flame

• • Counter-flow flame related studies

• • Turbulence- and perturbation-provoking conditions of co-flow flame
• •
HTAC technology and its industrial applications

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