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Supervisor : Hossein KHaleghi

Phone: +98(21)64543278
Location: 1st floor, AE Department.


The engine workshop has been equipped by various types of engines i.e. jet engine, propeller engine and piston engine.
This workshop is offered for Bsc Students in one semester as a unit course with 4 hours per week.
This unit aims to provide learners with the key knowledge required to work in the aerospace engineering sector and will provide opportunities to practice these skills in a safe aircraft workshop. The first part of this class will provide learners with a thorough understanding of the safety issues associated with the care, control and use of the tools and equipment found in a typical aircraft workshop environment.
Familiarity with the aircraft engine hardware associated with the practical activities is also emphasized in this unit. The unit also provides opportunities to put the theoretical aspects of workshop fitting and dismantling/assembly activities into practice. Briefly topics of course’s details contain:
    1) Piston Engines
  • Theoretical principles of Piston engines includes internal combustion engines and external combustion engines.
  • Method of disassembling and assembling of parts of 4-6 cylinder engines.
  • Introduction to the performance different of parts of engines.
    2) Jet Engines
  • Theoretical principals of Turbojet, Turbofan, Turboprop and Turboshaft engines and aerothermodynamics engines.
  • Method of disassembling and assembling of  Turbojet and Turboshaft engines. It includes main parts such like compressor, combustion chamber, intake, nozzle and accessories.
  • Introduction to the performance of  different parts of  Turbojet and Turboshaft engines.
    1) Landing Gear
  • Theoretical and operational principles of  landing gear performance.
    2) Sheet Metals
  • Sheet Metal of external surfaces of airplane and helicopter.
  • Theoretical and operational principles of  pin-jointed structures.

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