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The issue of marketing the capabilities and services of universities among a wide range of audiences of this institution of science and knowledge production, including students, governments, industries, etc., both in the scientific dimension (marketing and technology commercialization management, or in the practical dimension is a complex and very much discussed Important communication between industry and academia has been one of the concerns of science and technology policy makers, which has led to the formation of industry relations management in universities, which is certainly a positive approach in this regard. Its colorful role in the academic community and influence in various industries has never been limited to conventional solutions and has always sought to create new and more effective mechanisms to improve the relationship between different industries and the university to create more economic and social value. In September 1998, after conducting scientific studies and consulting with industrial and academic elites, the University Marketing Office with the aim of providing new and up-to-date solutions to develop effective cooperation between industry and Amirkabir University of Technology under the management of university industry relations and under the guidance Dr. Mehdi Majidpour (Faculty Member of the Faculty of Management, Science and Technology, Amirkabir University of Technology) started working.

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Development of the necessary infrastructure to create an effective relationship between knowledge-seeking organizations and the capabilities of Amirkabir University, including hardware and human capabilities. 
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