Department of Computer Engineering- Architecture and Computer Networking Group
Computer Systems Architecture and Networking Group

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Computer Systems Architecture and Network group in the computer engineering department is one of the most experienced groups of this department. Approximately, half of the group faculty members are involved in areas related to computer system architecture such as design, synthesis and testing of digital systems, reconfigurable and/or programmable designs, design of reliable and/or trusted systems, design and modeling of latent systems, design of multicore and parallel low-power systems, and security at the hardware level. The other half’s focus include designing, modeling and analyzing computer networks (wired and wireless), wireless sensor networks, high-speed and multimedia networks, and distributed systems. Both subgroups are also active in research areas such as cloud computing and IoT.
Courses offered by the group include:
- Bachelor of Computer Engineering courses
- Master of Computer Engineering courses in Computer Architecture and Computer Networking
- Doctor of Computer Engineering courses in Computer Architecture and Computer Networks

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