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Computer Sciences Group


Dr. Zahed Rahmati

Group Head, Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Algorithms and Data Structures Algorithms and Data Structures Graph Drawing and Data Visualization Graph Machine Learning 

Laboratory: Network Visualization Laboratory

Email: zrahmati[at]

Phone: +98 21 64542512


Dr. Mehdi Ghatee

Associate Professor

Research Interests:  Artificial Intelligence (AI) Intelligent Transportation Systems Data Mining  Smart City Network Optimization

Laboratory: NORC (Novelties, Optimization and Redesigning of Cities) and Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory

Email: ghatee[at]

Phone: +98 21 64542531


Dr. Ali Mohades Khorasani

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Computational Geometry Natural Language Processing (NLP)  Gamification

Laboratory: Algorithm & Computational Geometry Laboratory

Email: mohades[at]

Phone: +98 21 64545657


Dr. Mohammad Akbari

Assistant Professor

Research Interests:  Artificial Intelligence (AI) Data Sciences and Machine Learning Natural Language Processing (NLP) Social Networks and Web

Laboratory: Data Science Innovation Laboratory  


Phone: +98 21 64545875


Dr. Farzad Didehvar

Assistant Professor

Research Interests:  Computability Theory Complexity Theory Logic Theory of Algorithm Applications of Mathematics in Computer Sciences Algorithm Development

Email: didehvar[at]

Phone: +98 21 64545665


Dr. Amin Gheibi

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Spacial Data Science GIS Computational Geometry Image Processing Computer Vision

Email: amin.gheibi[at]

Phone: +98 21 64545873


Dr. Mohammad Hassan Shirali Shahreza

Assistant Professor

Research Interests:  Neural Networks Pattern Recognition OCR CAPTCHA Steganography

Email: hshirali[at]

Phone: +98 21 64542548


Dr. Saeed Shiry Ghidari

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Artificial intelligence Machine Learning Robotics Machine Vision Natural Language Processing Medical Data Processing 

Email: shiry[at]

Phone: +98 21 64545874


Dr. Fatemeh Zare Mirakabad

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence  Bioinformatics 

Laboratory: Biocomputation Laboratoy

Email: f.zare[at]

Phone:  +98 21 64545674

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