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Pure Mathematics Faculty Members

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Pure Mathematics Faculty Members

Dr. Zeinab Akhlaghi

Group Head, Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Finite Group Theory Permutation Group Character Theory Representation Theory of Groups Structure of Graphs Related to the Groups Coding Theory based on Group Theory

Email: z_akhlaghi[at]

Phone: +98 21 64545876

Prof. Behroz Bidabad


Research Interests: Riemann-Fisler Geometry Application of Ricci Flow on Image Processing Algorithms Zermelo Navigation and Optimal Control Discrete Geometry and its Applications in Brain Diseases

Email: bidabad[at]

Phone: +98 21 64545655

Prof. Behroz Khosravi


Research Interests: Finite Groups Character Theory Steganography Combinatorics Applications of Combinatorics in Group Theory

Email: bkhosravi[at]

Phone: +98 21 64542519

Prof. Dariush Kiani


Research Interests: Algebraic Combinatorics and Algebraic graph Theory Cryptography and Coding with Algeraic and Combinatorial Aspects Machine Learning with Algbraic and Combinatorial Aspects Combinatorial and Computational Comutative Algebra Combinatorics, Combinaorial Topology and Graph Theory Noncommutative Algebra and Group Theory

Email: dkiani[at]

Phone: +98 21 64542507

Prof. Abdolrasoul Pourabbas


Research Interests: Functional Analysis Harmonic Analysis Banach Algebras Operator Theory C*-algebras 

Email: arpabbas[at]

Phone: +98 21 64542502

Prof. Seyyed Mansour Vaezpour


Research Interests: Functionl Analysis Nonlinear Analysis Operator Theory Fractional Differential Equations 

Email: vaez[at]

Phone: +98 21 64542526

Dr. Naser Broojerdian

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Differential Geometry and its application in Theoretical Physics

Email: broojerd[at]

Phone: +98 21 64542505

Dr. Morteza Mirmohammad Rezaei

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Differential geometry Discrete geometry Algebric geometry Geometric analysis Algorithm 

Email: mmreza[at]

Phone: +982164545654

Dr. Masoud Pourmahdian

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Stability and Simplicity theory Generic structures Continuous Logics Probability logics First-order modal logic Domain theory

Email: mpourmahd[at]

Phone: +98 21 64545664

Dr. Farhad Rahmati

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Algebraic Geometry Computational Commutative Algebra Algebraic Cryptography Post Quantum Cryptography 

Laboratory: Distributed Systems and Computing Laboratory (DSTECH)

Email: frahmati[at]

Phone: +982164545662

Dr. Shamila Bayati

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Combinatorial Commutative Algebra Graph Theory Homological Algebra Computational Commutative Algebra Combinatorial Optimization Interaction of Coding Theory with Algebra and Combinatorics

Email: bayati[at]

Phone: +98 21 64545869

Dr. Bijan Honari

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Topology Geometry

Email: honari[at]

Phone: +982164542534

Dr. Alireza Mofidi

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Mathematical Logic Model Theory  Graph Theory Combinatorics Logic in Combinatorics, Analysis and Dynamical Systems Logical and Combinatorial aspects of Machine Learning and AI

Email: mofidi[at]

Phone: +98 21 64542515

Dr. Behzad Najafi Saghezchi

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Differential Geometry Riemannian-Finslerian Geometry 
Lie Groups and their applicatons in ODEs Homogeneous and Symmeric Spaces 

Email: behzad.najafi[at]

Phone: +98 21 64545669

Dr. Nazanin Roshandel Tavana

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Model theory and its application Computability theory on real numbers Computable analysis Application of mathematical logic in other sciences 

Email: nrtavana[at]

Phone: +98 21 64545671

Dr. Mehdi Rostami

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Functional Analysis Harmonic Analysis Operator Spaces C*-algebras 

Email: mross[at]

Phone: +98 21 64542547

Dr. Sara Saeedi Madani

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Convex and Discrete Geometry Combinatorics, Combinatorial Topology and Graph Theory  Commutative and Homological Alebra     
Combinatrial and Computational Commutative Algebra Cryptography and Coding with Algebraic and Combinatorial Aspects Machine Learning with Algebraic and Combinatorial Aspects

Email: sarasaeedi[at]

Phone: +98 21 64545658

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