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Industrial Engineering and Productivity Research Center

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Industrial Engineering and Productivity Research Center

The establishment of the Industrial Engineering Research and Productivity Center is another industry-related research step taken, the aim is to integrate the activities of the Department with those of the industries. The Industrial engineering and productivity research center of Amirkabir University was founded in 1991 aiming at conducting research projects and offering consultation in different fields of industrial engineering, productivity and systems management. This center managed to get the principal agreement of higher education development council in 1993. Employing experts and powerful scientific personnel of university professors and graduates has promoted the scientific and administrative power of this center. Minimizing the distance between industry and university is one of the most important missions of this center. The experiences obtained from projects administrated by this center, as one of the most precious parts of its assets, will result in improvement of administrative and scientific abilities of the center in conducting future projects and programs. The most important areas of the center’s activities can be presented as below:
  • Performing applied and developmental research projects in different fields of industrial engineering and operation management;
  • Performing research and operational projects in the field of productivity;
  • Applying the results of research in optimization and systems simulation;
  • Offering management consultation in different fields of strategic planning, business processes engineering, performance management and business models development;
  • Performing applied and research projects in the field of organizational architecture;
  • Performing study projects in socio-economic fields, feasibility and business plan studies and diagnosis of production, service and administration sectors;
  • Creating active and constructive relationship with industrial research centers and other scientific and research institutions and societies inside and outside the country;
  • Taking advantage of the most recent research results and scientific achievements of industrial engineering in order to contribute to the goal of country's scientific, economic and social development;
  • Publishing the achievements of applied research;
  • Holding specialized-scientific seminars and workshops in order to improve the knowledge of industrial and service organizations and companies’ experts and managers according to their needs.
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